Cathy Juckiewicz

Photo by Chris Juckiewicz

Hi! I’m Cathy. Photography has been a continuous passion of mine. I could not wait to go to high school knowing they offered photography courses. Developing black-and-white film and creating a visual image in the darkroom took my breath away. I continued to follow my passion in college, attaining a Bachelor of Fire Arts with a concentration in Photography.

I have been a professional photographer for 15 years. My first job after college was with a portrait photography company using medium-format cameras to capture perfect portraits. It was a first for me and I could not have been happier. I love taking photographs - pictures of people of all ages, large and small groups, events (weddings are my favorite, feeling all of the excitement and joy in the room - being a part of a couple’s special day is a privilege); still life, which keeps me relaxed and focused on detail; and my travels (from flying to sailing, I am all in). Right now I am looking to expand my portfolio by jumping into the creative world of architectural and commercial photography, but I am also open to wherever the craft takes me.

The self portrait above was taken by my husband while we were traveling in France. Inspiration sometime comes when you least expect it. I just hope my batteries are charged and my memory cards are loaded when it does.